Services For Men

Women Love When Men Take Care Of Their Skin Too!

Men Want To Look Great Too!

Many men feel young and energetic far beyond their years and want their face and body to reflect that youth. They want to have safe, effective treatments that are reasonably priced and less invasive. We advocate this approach.

Employing the latest technologies and products, our aim is to provide you with safe and effective treatments that are affordable. We pride ourselves on personal attention and quality individualized care before, during and after treatments and aim to provide you with a pleasant and professional setting.

Popular Services For Men

Laser Treatment (Back)

Tired of trying to remove unwanted hair from your back using a razor or waxing? Our Laser treatments for men will help ruduce hair growth to help eliminate unwanted back hair for ever. Come in and see how we can help.

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Laser Treatment (Chest)

Although waxing and shaving on the chest is much easier than on the back, with laser treatment men are able to remove the hair for good.

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Waxing (Eyebrows)

Let’s face it ,nobody likes a unibrow. They’re distracting, they’re unsightly, and they don’t help you make a positive impression on the people around you.

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Waxing (Back)

Back waxing for men is extremely common. Not only are more guys getting hair removal services in general, but the back tops and chest are high on the list. Often it’s to please themselves, and sometimes it’s pressure from others. In any case, men from all different types of backgrounds and walks of life are choosing to get rid from the sometimes Sasquatch like body hair.

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Waxing (Chest)

Similar to back waxing, chest waxing for men is extremely common. Let’s face it, men love they way they look with a smooth chest, and women are less and less attracted to guys with a rug on their front. We have affordable chest waxing solutions that look great and ensure silky smooth skin for weeks at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Does Laser Treatment Hurt?

If anyone asks, yes of course it hurts – but between you and us, no it doesn’t hurt. Similar to a rubber band hitting your skin there is a little pinch, but no more than your regular shave session.

What Is Waxing?

While most women have experienced waxing as a hair removal technique a lot of guys have no idea. Waxing for men is similar to the waxing woman experience. It involves the application of war wax on the are you with to have hair removed. After smoothed, the wax is ripped away in one motion. One of the bennefits of waxing is that the hair will not grow back for a number of weeks & when does come back is usually finer and softer than before.

What Kind Of Men Wax?

All types actually. Some of our most frequent clients include bodybuilders, swimsuit models, guys who like to take it all off, but mostly are just regular guys who care about how they look. You might be surprised to know that a lot of men you’re friends with secretly see us for hair removal services.

Will I Get Stubble After Laser?

Nope, not at all. The first couple laser sessions will see thinner hair growth in the desired location. The hair removed by the laser will NOT grow back. Eventually, all hair from the desired location will no longer grow, ever!

Will I Get Stubble After Waxing?

No, there should be no stubble from the waxing proceedure. The hair that is removed from the desired location is not cut off but actually removed. It will grow back slowly and will be softer.

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